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Have you voted in the general election yet? If not there’s only a few hours to go so do remember to exercise your right if you haven’t already.

We’re not here to take sides. We’d happily give any of the party leaders development sessions if they wanted it, and could design a great collaborative leadership workshop for the former or potential future coalition.


Our party leaders have had their work cut out over the past few years — it’s not easy negotiating the political maze that is the British system. Are they all best suited to do the job? Where could they do better?

A couple of weeks ago we finished a series of blogs on characteristics of great leaders, covering key traits such as communication, creating change and delegation. So how do our leaders fare when set against these competencies?

As mentioned above, we’re not going to judge here — the election is all about you making your own mind up after all. Feel free to use the checklist below to compare them though — maybe it might help you decide what kind of a person you’ve voted, or are about to vote for.

GE leaders table

Nobody knows who we’re going to have in the top job when we wake up tomorrow — maybe it won’t even be any of them yet — but you can certainly have a look at how the people running our country stack up in terms of what qualities they bring to the big round leadership table. Maybe have a go at pitching Cameron and Miliband against some of the most influential leaders in history: Martin Luther King; Winston Churchill; Mahatma Gandhi. Does that affect how you feel about your big decision tonight? (Disclaimer: of course, this exercise focuses on personalities rather than policies so make sure you’ve weighed up both before your final decision)


It’s quite easy to get bogged down in all this talk of policies, competencies and qualities though, so how about a more light-hearted approach:

james-wannertonJames Wannerton from Blackpool has a rare condition called lexical-gustatory synaesthesia. It means he cantaste words and sounds. Yes, you read that correctly. Wannerton explains that he absolutely cannot help being able to feel the texture and experience the taste of words when he hears or sees them: “It’s like eating all day, even when I dream.”

Does Nick Clegg really taste like picked onions? He might do (he probably doesn’t). Have a look at these, enjoy and remember that your vote goes towards deciding who our country’s leader will be. Do they all have what it takes? Happy Voting!

Food Miliband

Ed Miliband — vinegary chips, an eraser and pine nuts

Food Cameron

David Cameron — hard toffee, macaroons, cloth, blue ink

Food Farage

Nigel Farage — rich fruit cake, the inside of a frankfurter sausage, fried onions, a few peas, a wet tweed jacket sleeve that grinds on your teeth and a spoonful of semolina

Food Clegg

Nick Clegg — pickled onions, elastic bands, a meatless lamb leg and a dribble of yoghurt

Food Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon — lorne sausage, aspic pork pie jelly, piccalilli and jam tarts

Former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas — leek and spinach tart, Lindt caramel chocolate and a glucose drink (LUCAS-zade? [sorry])

Food wood

Leanne Wood — shortcrust pastry, lamb chop, pine cones and thick-cut cucumber slices

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