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People. Teams. Organisations. Systems. Here at Rothwell Douglas, we are a consultancy with a background in occupational psychology that is constantly looking at the bigger picture. Why? We know that’s what it takes (along with our knowledge of business psychology) to achieve great results.

What is occupational psychology?

Occupational or business psychology is the application of psychological theory, knowledge and practice to the world of work. Occupational psychology looks at the performance of people at work and how individuals, teams and organisations behave and function. Our approach is informed by our understanding of personality, motivation, behaviour and intelligence. The aim is to help maximise job performance and increase the overall effectiveness of the organisation through helping individuals understand how to get the best out of one another. Using occupational/organisational psychology in the training and development of people, teams, organisations and systems can yield great benefits. Typically our work takes us into the following areas:

  • Seeing the potential in applicants and employees.
  • Talent management and succession planning.
  • Assessing and developing individual and team performance.
  • Improving team productivity .
  • Assisting organisations in their change and transformation processes.
  • Helping build organisational resilience and develop positive cultures.

Developing key leadership skills at operational and strategic levels.

Rothwell Douglas has built a vast and impressive experience striving to improve the way that people work. Our range of solutions are designed to accommodate not only individuals and teams, but also the organisations they work within, as well as the systems they are a part of. We have used our expertise and applied our knowledge of occupational psychology in many industries, including logistics, utilities, insurance, banking and aviation. In recent years, we have gained knowledge and significant experience in different sectors, delivering hugely successful leadership and development programmes during challenging and turbulent times.

Our background in occupational psychology enables us to bring an innovative approach with unique insight, giving us a more well-rounded understanding of people, organisational cultures, and the keys to business success. We adapt as the landscape changes; we challenge the brief in order to get a deep understanding of what is needed, and offer support through the process of working with our clients. It’s for this reason that ninety percent of our business is generated from clients who have worked with us previously. Our aim is to get to know our clients and their businesses well, and develop long term relationships built on trust.

One concept of psychology which has played a large part in occupational psychology and employee career progression is Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Previously, intelligence (IQ) has been the most consistent factor in determining job success and, thus, ability tests have been extensively used as predictors of job performance and successful recruitment. However, research by Accenture (2006) demonstrated that whilst intelligence (IQ) is important for career choice and attainment, career accomplishment will be down to your emotional intelligence (EQ). Accenture (2006) found that self-awareness and social awareness are all better predictors of career success- and are all elements of emotional intelligence. Because IQ does not measure creativity/emotional/social skills, it may not be as accurate in predicting occupational success and performance. Therefore, emotional intelligence and competence is now regarded as being as important, if not more so some experts would say, as IQ for career success and performance, and is one of the most desired skills to have in the workplace. Once you have gotten the job you really wanted, your relationship management and how you react under pressure are likely to play a more important part in determining retention and promotion within the company than pure technical competence.

Using the principles of emotional intelligence within occupational psychology, we aim to help individuals and organisations in their personal and organisational development. Emotional intelligence in the workplace is concerned with how people function, and the relationships between colleagues, senior management and frontline staff, as well as relationships between the organisation and its customers/stakeholders/suppliers/competitors etc. Working collectively and collaboratively with others means interacting with a variety of responses from colleagues. Understanding the emotional aspect of human interactions can help reduce misunderstandings and help build more cohesive teams. Therefore, emotional intelligence is about leadership, teamwork, management skills and partnership.

We find that recruitment in any industry is one of the most crucial activities in business psychology, as the employee hired will become an investment and, in their own role, an integral part of the organisation and the team they are joining. Psychometric analysis can help us understand individuals at a much more fundamental level and help shine a light on areas where there is untapped potential as well areas that may benefit from some attention in terms of improvement. Helping clients get the ‘right people on the bus’ is an important step in their strategic journey. Our approach helps provide a rounded picture of candidates or employees and signpost areas for development that will help build capability quickly.

The effects of coaching in business psychology.

Coaching is one of the most effective means we know of producing a step change in behaviour and performance. Our work with individuals helps them gain those insights that will help drive performance, accelerate learning and improve personal effectiveness. Coaching is a highly effective means of helping support and steer people through difficult and challenging transitions in their career where they are faced with new issues and previous experience is helpful but not sufficient for dealing with the complexity that now confronts them. We will often use our Psychometric intelligence with candidates to help them gain insight and deal with issues that may have been hindering their progress so far. Many leaders will struggle with the relationship management aspect of their roles and getting people to deliver in a way that will improve business or operational performance. Experts in occupational psychology can help Leaders understand how to deal with such situations and help them understand how to deal with resistant behaviour in a way that improves performance and enhances a difficult relationship rather than undermining it.

We take this understanding into our work with teams and help them understand team dynamics in a way that gets the best from every individual. Whether at Board level or at the operational end such as business partners supplying corporate functions, the impact of managing change and transforming work processes can often leave previously successful teams floundering. Re-orienting to the changed world and delivering on a new set of expectations can be both demanding and distracting when things aren’t going as well as they should. Our job is to help teams understand why they are struggling and how to use their combined experience and skill to move beyond the sticking points. Helping balance priorities, getting governance right and helping teams develop high level problem solving skills are key to them developing a high performance ethos.

Change is an inevitable feature of our lives and the pace of change is accelerating all of the time. For that reason, we find that employees at any level in an organisation today need to be capable of dealing with its impact. Organisations are human capital systems functioning on a complex mix of behaviour, intellect and emotion. Re-aligning priorities, getting everyone facing in a new direction and introducing new business processes can challenge all three of these simultaneously. Occupational Psychologists work within a context of understanding human behaviour and helping organisations manage change as part of the Organisational Development approach. Organisational Development is all about ensuring the right people and processes are brought together to ensure success and sustainability in the long term.

When we work with individuals, teams and organisations we will use targeted background reading to bring people up to speed with the complex theory that we may be using. We work with adults of a wide range of educational and work experience that requires a blended approach to action-based learning. Our focus however, is not on training or education per say, instead it is about putting theory into practice in the everyday work setting and helping establish that best in-class practice of high performing teams as the new business as usual. Our focus will always be on Development – helping people make the change they need to make within themselves and within their colleagues. In many cases, we will be working with highly educated individuals who have lot of technical skill in their discipline and years of experience. It’s unlikely, however, in our experience that such well-trained individuals will have been exposed to this form of development previously. Feedback from successive groups reinforces the view that such development is both welcome and long overdue in their career.

We base our practice on this knowledge, and we aim to aid people, teams, organisations and systems in resolving issues that may be hindering productivity, team working, growth, overall effectiveness and morale. We take pride in using and applying our psychological knowledge and experience to help the people, teams, organisations and systems we work with in achieving their potential.

Improve your business psychology today with Rothwell Douglas.

Our aim is to get to know our clients and their businesses well, and develop long term relationships built on trust. We focus on building ongoing sustainability and measuring the value of the change we make. In our experience, it is vital to bottom line success to get the Mind-set, Values and Behaviour properly aligned. Having assisted many businesses , we have the utmost confidence that we’ll be able to improve the mindset, helping your business to grow in the future.

If you’re interested in the benefits that occupational and business psychology can provide, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us on 0208 326 2739 or e-mail us at enquiries@rdlteam.com.

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